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Can the virus stop our housebuild?

Since my last bloggage two months ago, things have progressed slowly although there have been several Covid-19 related hiccups along the way.


Fed up with seeing photos of people wearing face masks? Well here is another one for you - Brian, the surveyor from Neville Johnson who came down from Northants for a couple of days to do final measurements and get all the last details regarding our fitted furniture.


We thought this fitted furniture was going to be the main hold up in getting the job done but, in fact, they are scheduled to start next week and the race is on for the builders to finish the skirting boards, architraves and move some of the lights and socket positions in readiness for Neville Johnson’s arrival next week.

What is now holding things up are that some of the suppliers are not back at work yet or have a backlog, for example the kitchen fittings and the wooden flooring. The biggest likely hold up is that we cannot get connected to electricity and water at the moment because the electric and water companies are only dealing with emergencies and not doing any routine work. And Dave, the builder, has been unable to find out when that may change.


As ever, however, Spencer the dry-stone wall man has plodded on methodically. He has now finished all the walls except one bit that was waiting for a gas pipe to be redirected. Spencer is not keen on angular corners and prefers a curve. He has produced some delightful curves which, really, he should have consulted Dave or Giles about. But we are all happy with what he has done. Particularly pleasing is the end of the stone wall where it meets the drive. Instead of a traditional gatepost we have this curved yin/yang shaped d5c8fec0-b262-11ea-a9e5-bf691157f460.png ending with space in the middle for a pot plant.


As well as being commissioned to build the wall, we are delighted that Dave has asked Spencer to stay on and do all the landscaping including all the surfaces and planting. He is now working on building the drive and has arranged the edge to curve out onto the pavement in order to caress the yin/yang wall ending. True artistry!


Here is Spencer’s colour coded plan:


And here is a detail showing the colour coding system:


Storage space will be very limited, so we have bought a shed which suddenly landed one morning. We have decided that it will have a green sedum roof to match the house. And water from the shed roof will be diverted to drain directly on to the roots of a tree which will be planted by the shed.


Aha! Perhaps we could store the bins round the back of the shed

Below you can see the slightly hidden snickely corner outside our bedroom. Jane has great plans for that big shelf which will have a trough full of shrubs, some of which will dangle down whilst others will climb up the fence above.


She also has plans for a lavender patch at the side of the drive which will be contained in its own triangular box of railway sleepers:


What a lovely warm sandstone patio!
Giles (architect - on the right) discussing plans with Spencer (wall builder, patio layer, drive constructer, landscape gardener and general factotum)

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oh wow - it is looking amazing.........beautiful and love hte style.

by julia nelki

Exciting developments...love the yin yang!

by Peter Logie

Wow its really coming along now, looks amazing! Can't wait to see it finished. That rock wall looks beautiful.

by Dip

It’s coming on though despite everything that’s going on. Well done to your patience and the builders for struggling through. Looking forward to being your first guests!! Ha ha. ????

by Ralph

Look amazing!

by Sue Warren

So exciting! It's all coming together and looks amazing!

by Catherine Kleeli

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